Be a good seed

But in, deep within

Where good and bad no longer matter

Where the cages of thought are emptied

Liana Cornell

Set in AD 43, Britannia follows the Roman conquest of Britain — a mysterious land ruled by wild warrior women and powerful druids. Celtic rivals must now work together to fight off the Roman invasion.


Ania taught me how to be strong, to be brave, to not be afraid to become powerful in my body, my skin, my mind.

When I was younger, I would worry about looking too strong, I didn’t want to turn off the young men around me, afraid I would be “too much” – whatever that was. Later, I realized that this was an old paradigm trap, to keep me weak and unaligned in the power that is WOMXN. Now my arms are stronger than most of the men’s that I know, my heart, made potent by circumstance, glows out of my chest like a beacon of beauty. My mind, I have honed to know my own personal truth and beam it out into the world. ✨ Stand in your power people, whether you’re a she, he, they or it. Stand in your power even when you feel powerless, find strength to leap through that fear and vulnerability into your own true purity. The world is calling for our combined ascendency. I love you.