Be a good seed

But in, deep within

Where good and bad no longer matter

Where the cages of thought are emptied

Liana Cornell

So here it is, my moon worship, my wishcraft.

I’m going deeper into the facing of my own truth, my fears, my depths, my chaos…How do I explain to my head what my heart understands?

Whenever I am feeling this way, I look deeply into my own eyes, the windows of truth and I see my soul GLOW. I see her and I know why she came to earth - to be herself, completely and truly, freely and wildly and unapologetically. The sky is my love and in his breath I taste the winds and rains that are his sighs. However, looking back at what I have chosen to release and what I’ve chosen to keep, I feel that this new lightness allows for a flow, an ease and a trust, I previously did not have. Perhaps we are all being asked to step forward into a deeper, more authentic version of ourselves? It seems, intuitively, that we are being readied for something big. Something so huge for our collective consciousness that we cannot continue the way we have been, but must shed the leaves that no longer serve us. Though it may be painful, the new growth that lays within the broken bud of the old holds fruits so delicious we cannot even dream their juices. Only experience them when the time is right. I had forgotten that after the fragrance of a flower stretched to its farthest, there was the flavour of the fruit, the juices of its bounty. It’s not the focus on the highest peak, it’s the captain we discover within.

Though I have but dipped my toe, the robes fit oh so familiarly.

I’m inviting the light down deep into the darkest areas of my existence. A deep acceptance and resonance of who you are.  All ritual is sacred to humans. We are spirits encased in flesh, brief flashes of existence.

It’s just the medium that places rules and punishments upon eternity.

Ania taught me how to not be afraid to become powerful in my body, my skin, my mind.And you feel it in moments like a breeze carrying the scent of a bloom - like a lover’s mouth left behind long after they’re gone. Dive into these moments. Swallow the fear. You are everything and more. We’re all just sitting here, patiently waiting for you. And the lessons you have chosen to complete whilst living here on earth. The world is calling for our combined ascendency. I love you. You are not your events. Things that have occurred to you are not what define you now.

Deep down in the recesses of the spirit. Yum!

It broke me open in so many delicious ways that the yolk is still flowing out Realizing that nothing and everything matters anyway is your power. New beginnings are upon us, use them accordingly.

I allowed the silence to show me.

I was raised to live by the seasons and to love by the moon. Anything truly yours torn off at the sight of a bud, and soon, little by little, you start to grow in the shape they have trained you to.  Plant a tree, for you and me. In the time it takes you to read this sentence, 3 football fields of Amazonian rainforest will have been cut down.  Times not for wasting.

Her voice rasping out into the dust, “water, water”.

I want to know what it’s like to always lay bare beneath the moon, as I did last night, my leaves askew, tasting the fruits of all that I have loved and created. Sticky and satisfied. Yes yes.
Bloom baby bloom.
To be drunk on the learnings of a lifetime. A study has found that animals react to social pressure just as much as humans do. You are an ever-evolving rotation of atomic particles vibrating their way around the universe... free to be anything that you could ever desire. Going going green.

Grateful for the rains that have come.

But in dreams.Searching everywhere for an ocean breeze. Above the clouds of fear, to see this movement, truly spread it’s good, winging it’s way around the world. And though I find wisps and tendrils, there’s still no place like home. Together we so powerful. The taste of liquid moonlight poured onto the skin.Don’t let the light go out.